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waste recycling shredder

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Product Name :
Industrial heavy duty waste paper cardboard shredding machine
Brief Introduction :
This large paper shredding machine is a professional paper shredding machine with the output up to 3000kg/h .
The industrial paper cardboard shredding machine adopts brand gear speed reducer driving;
the blade is made of high-strength alloy steel, featured by strong abrasion resistance and high strength etc.
The shredding axes has the functions of tearing, extrusion and occlusion, etc.
The electrical part adopts Siemens electrical elements programming control with automatic detection and overload protection function, etc.
It’s specially designed for shredding paper materials and suitable for the recycling of various paper materials with the advantages of uniform discharging and controllable size, etc.
The paper materials as below: scrap corrugated paper, hard covered paper, newspaper, card paper and other paper materials.
Feature of the industrial paper cardboard shredding machine :

1.Rotary blades of DC53 material, with high hardness of HRC63, strong tougness and abarasion resistance.
2.Gearbox with vibration reducing design,whole machines runs with high stability
3.Rotator with water cooling function , keeping the rotaor in low temperature all the time
4.Position of motor is adjustable ,if transmission belt loose , it is easy to tighten the belt .

Model and Parameter and Price :

waste recycling shredder

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